What Is Chiropractic?

Thankfully the once persistent myth about chiropractors being ‘bone-crackers!’ is no longer believable.

The truth is chiropractic has been around since the 1890s and has always been safe, effective (and often the quickest), therapeutic method to reduce symptoms of discomfort for patients suffering with neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, and much more.

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What Is Physical Rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is the systematic use of stretching and strengthening exercises and the incorporation of hi-tech devices specifically designed to restore function to the spine and prevent recurring symptoms and injuries.

Physical rehabilitation offers significant advantages to patients suffering from neck and lower back issues because our integrated approach to your health and wellbeing makes the process of eliminating your pain faster and more effective.

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What is Non-Surgical Disc Decompression Therapy?

Disc disorders can produce significant, often debilitating pain.
Disc Decompression Therapy is the best non-surgical and conservative procedure for patients suffering with:

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What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy or low level light laser is designed to reduce pain and inflammation in specific areas. It can be used on shoulders, hips, knees and other joints for pain and inflammation, and it may also be used in acute cases for burns and wound healing.

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