What Is Chiropractic?

Thankfully the once persistent myth about chiropractors being ‘bone-crackers!’ is no longer believable.ID-100140949

The truth is chiropractic has been around since the 1890s and has always been safe, effective (and often the quickest), therapeutic method to reduce symptoms of discomfort for patients suffering with neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, and much more.

Chiropractic is a recognized and well-regarded healthcare profession that emphasizes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many mechanical disorders related to the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractic treatment includes various therapeutic techniques such as spinal adjustments and other joint and soft tissue manipulations.

Why Chiropractic?

There’s no great mystery to why chiropractic care works so effectively.Your spine is the central network connecting all of your nerves to the rest of your body, and the ‘router’ that connects your brain to your extremities and vital organs.

Simply put, practically EVERYTHING in your body communicates and functions via your spine. So it becomes crystal clear that a poorly aligned spine must impact how well your body functions as a whole.

Chiropractic works because it treats your body as a whole, and by realigning the spine to an optimal position for your entire body to operate effectively, chiropractic has the ability to cure the problem not just treat the symptom.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

When nerves become irritated by incorrectly aligned bones not moving properly, chiropractors can help aid in relieving symptoms by delivering an adjustment to the body which will work to correctly re-align the body. Our chiropractic doctors utilize a variety of skills in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

They often utilize testing such as X–Ray, MRI and range of motion studies to determine the source of pain or injury. Then, once a diagnosis is determined, a treatment plan is customized based on the patient’s specific needs and a personalized plan of Chiropractic Manipulation is embarked upon.

During the chiropractic adjustment, joint range of motion is optimized, which decreases pain and inflammation, as well as increases pain-blocking endorphins.

Chiropractic Manipulation: Our doctors use multiple chiropractic techniques to manipulate the spine to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce muscle tension and spasms
  • Increase the proper function of the body
  • Other modes of treatment such as therapeutic exercise, spinal traction, electrical muscle stimulation and proprioceptive stretching may be utilized to restore the body to optimal health.

Many patients also benefit from trigger point therapy (aka “working out the knots”) or bio-pharmaceutical injections for pain relief while correcting their structural imbalances.

Are You Ready To Try Chiropractic?

Our team of highly trained doctors and staff want every patient to feel well cared for as if you are part of the ‘Morgan Chiropractic Family’.

So whatever your pain our chiropractors are ready to help.

Setting up an appointment is simple. Just call us and arrange an appointment at 205-424-8400 and let’s get you back to enjoying pain free living as soon as possible.

For more information, we have included this report from the American Chiropractic Association.