Physical Rehabilitation

What Is Physical Rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is the systematic use of stretching and strengthening exercises and the incorporation of hi-tech devices specifically designed to restore function to the spine and prevent recurring symptoms and injuries.

Physical rehabilitation offers significant advantages to patients suffering from neck and lower back issues because our integrated approach to your health and wellbeing makes the process of eliminating your pain faster and more effective.

IMG_2902[2]Why Physical Rehabilitation?

In any wellness program, physical rehab is the KEY!

At Morgan Chiropractic we use our uniquely integrated systems approach to determine which spinal or extremity areas are tight, tender or weak and which areas are contributing to pain and dysfunction.

And then we create a plan of rehabilitation that you can follow with and without our guidance to ensure you create the strength and flexibility you need to prevent reoccurring injuries.

How Does Physical Rehabilitation Work?

A physical rehab plan is created with therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles, restore function to the spine and prevent recurring symptoms or relapse. Every physical rehab program is uniquely designed so that it can be scaled to accommodate anyone, regardless of age, fitness or pain level.

In fact, we are incredibly proud of our physical rehab programs because we believe completing our unique physical rehab program is a primary element in enabling our patients to go and live a pain free lifestyle.

Are You Ready To Try Physical Rehabilitation?

Our team of highly trained doctors and staff want every patient to feel well cared for as if you are part of the ‘Morgan Chiropractic Family’. So whatever your pain, our chiropractors are ready to help.

That is how strongly we believe you will find the relief you need with us. Setting up an appointment is simple. Just call us (or click here to set an appointment online) and arrange a consultation at 205-424-8400 and let’s get you back to enjoying pain free living as soon as possible.